About us

Fortee produces original t-shirts and sells them through its e-shop, allocating part of the revenue to solidarity projects. The authors of the t-shirts and the beneficiaries are selected by Fortee. Fortee products and logo are not connected to any other commercial, political or social brand. Fortee bans all kinds of fascist, sexist and racist contents and activities and defends the right of expression, critic and satire. Fortee has been on line since 28 September 2015.
Is Fortee a NGO?
No, it isn’t. Fortee is a private enterprise using part of the revenues deriving from the sale of its original t-shirts to support actions, projects and associations involved in solidarity and defense of human rights. Fortee has chosen to be part of a transparent and virtuous process, following its individual sensitivity and with shared practices. We are certainly making a profit out of it but this ensures autonomy and independence of judgement and action.
Where do Fortee t-shirts come from?

Fortee buys its t-shirts from Continental Clothing ‘s Earth Positive Line. They are good quality, made of organic cotton respecting the international rules of “Fair Trade” on workers’ rights and environmental impact.

How are the t-shirts printed?

Using professional water-based serigraphy, to ensure quality and duration of the print both for the purchasers and the authors. Should different techniques be used upon request of the author, this will be specifically mentioned.

How are the beneficiaries chosen?

The beneficiaries as well as the authors are chosen by Fortee: associations, non governmental organizations, no-profit, especially active on social and environmental themes and independent of institutions, religions and parties. The connection between the t-shirts and the beneficiaries is based on a previous agreement both with the author and the beneficiary. For each sold t-shirt Fortee gives 5 euros to the beneficiary.

Do the beneficiaries owe anything to Fortee?

Absolutely not. They do not contribute in any way to the production and sale of the t-shirts, that remain exclusive competence of Fortee. The only responsibility they have is to make a coherent us of the money they receive from Fortee: they owe this to the purchaser.

How is money allocated?

Price is 25 euros. For each t-shirt production costs amount to 15 euros (t-shirt, print, packaging, royalties, vat etc.); Fortee and the beneficiary get 5 euros each.

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